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About Sonia

Hi! I'm a Visual Designer | Educational Technology Researcher
Currently based in Happy Valley, PA, USA

My name is Sonia Rajendra Tiwari. I'm originally from Indore, India.

I'm a Visual Designer turned Educational Researcher. I have a BS in Film, MFA in Animation and currently pursuing PhD in Learning, Design, and Technology at Penn State. I've previously worked as a Game Designer and UX designer in CA, and taught Toy and Game Design at National Institute of Design, India.

I've lived a gypsy life in India (Indore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad) and US (San Francisco, Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and now State College - also known as 'Happy Valley'). 

My research focus is Design and Evaluation of Public Media for Early Education (Pre-K through Grade 2). My studies are funded by the GA Fellowship with PSU's World Campus.

The name 'soniastic' came about in art school where I was in awe of all the amazing talent around me. I always thought I might never be as fantastic, but I can try to be 'soniastic!'

Growing up Dyslexic, Design Industry has been a great place to express my thoughts and ideas visually! Dyslexia also helped me develop the habit of over-preparing, organizing and simplifying complex information in order to learn smoothly - which comes in handy as a researcher. 

Outside of work I'm generally busy doing creative activities with/for my son like painting, crafting, sewing, cooking healthy food disguised as something fun, trips to the library and other such mom things. I wish I had a cool hobby to describe here like surfing or para-gliding, but weekends are for chill-n-chores. Mostly laundry. Welcome to mom world, yay!? I sometimes write songs and play Ukulele. 

I'm known to bring up '30 Rock' references in my everyday conversations, which I think is one of the best shows ever. I'm Liz Lemon's Indian sister. Sitcoms have helped me laugh my way through many difficult times - perhaps this is why I embrace humor in my everyday life!

For any possible creative collaborations write to soniastic at gmail!