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About Sonia

Hi! I'm a Visual Designer | Mom | Educational Technology Researcher
Currently based in Happy Valley, PA, USA

My name is Sonia Rajendra Tiwari. I'm originally from Indore, India.

I'm a Visual Designer turned ed tech researcher interested in educational games. I have a BS in Electronic Media, MFA in Animation. I worked in the gaming industry as a Visual Designer and UX Designer. Now I'm converging my creative skills in researching and developing educational games! I have lived and worked in India (Indore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad) and US (San Francisco, Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and now State College). 

I'm currently a Doctoral fellow at Penn State University's Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) program. My focus is Research and Development of educational mobile games, particularly for Elementary and Middle-School Science. I am trying to incorporate technologies such as Augmented Reality (for mixed Reality learning environments), Artificial intelligence (for adaptability to learner's needs) and creative learning through Makerspace activities. My Research is Funded by the GA Fellowship with PSU's World Campus.

The name 'soniastic' came about in art school where I was in awe of all the amazing talent around me. I always thought I might never be as fantastic, but I can try to be 'soniastic!'

Growing up Dyslexic, Design Industry has been a great place to express my thoughts and ideas visually! 

Outside of work I l am generally busy doing creative activities with/for my son like painting, crafting, sewing, cooking healthy food disguised as something fun, trips to the library and other such mom things. I wish I had a cool hobby to describe here like surfing or para-gliding, but weekends are for chill-n-chores. Mostly laundry. Welcome to mom world, yay!?

I'm known to bring up '30 Rock' references in my everyday conversations, which I think is one of the best shows ever. I'm Liz Lemon's Indian sister. Sitcoms have helped me laugh my way through many difficult times - perhaps this is why I embrace humor in my character designs, too!

For any possible creative collaborations write to soniastic at gmail!